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Rebuild Services

Screw Rebuilding -- We hard-surface, straighten, machine, grind,and polish to precision tolerances. Special hard-surfacing alloys are made with Nickel, Tungsten-Carbide and Molybdenum.

Screw Modification -- Engineering designed to your specifications. Our expert consultation assures exact results.

Twin Screw Rebuilding -- Straight or Conical Twin Screws.

Barrel Manufacturing -- Extrusion and Injection molding barrel with bimetalic inlays.

Barrel Resleeving and Honing -- Partial resleeves up to 24 inches or honing to an even oversize dimension.

Components Building and Repair -- All replaceable components.

Chrome-Plating -- On site by our sister company Central Florida Plating.

Inspection Certificate -- All incoming and outgoing screws, barrels and components are inspected and Rockwell tested for hardness and print accuracy. 

Screw Performance...
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