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Original Equipment Manufacturer: Screw O.D.: Screw L/D Ratio: Type of Polymer: Melt Index: Density (G/CC): Barrel Temp Metering Sect: Melt Temp at the Die Inlet: +/- Maximum Screw Speed (RPM): Maximum Motor Load (HP): Motor Load at Present Max Output: Diehead Pressure at Present Max Output: Measured - Before: After: the Breaker Plate (check one) Present Max Output (LBS/HR): @ (RPM) Desired Extruder Output (LBS): @ (RPM)
What is limiting the extruder output presently? Temperature Power Consumption Drive Extrudate Quality Is the Extruder equipped with grooved barrel sections? Yes No If Yes, How Long? and How Many Grooves?
Geometry of Present Extruder Screw Metering Sec Transition Sec Feed Sec Total Length: Channel Depth: No. Par Flights: Flight Width: Helix Angle/Pitch: Mixing Section: Union Carbide: Dulmage: Mixing Pins: Pineapple: Other:
Overall Screw Characteristics (Select all that apply) Single-Stage: Multi-Stage: Constant Pitch: Variable Pitch: Single-Flighted: Multi-Flighted: Barrier Flight:

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